April 7, 2009


The Pink Dolphin!

there is a pink dophin

she likes to sip on ocean gin
she often gets sunburned on her pink fin
other dolphin mamas tell their little dolphin boys:
"to elope with the pink dolphin is the ultimate sin!!!"

so the pink dolphin went to find a real man
someone that wouldn't abandon her to the frying pan
her folks said she wouldnt find someone but she said: "Yes I can!"
she swam and swam but all the ocean boys saw her pink and ran

then one day she met a yellow octopus
he was cute but he liked to cuss

"fuck, you the prettiest dolphin I eva' seen"
the pink dolphin felt like a beauty queen
and this octopus was so nice, not mean!
they moved together in some coral once she turned eighteen!
(in dolphin years)

by Bobby : )